Tampa is an expensive college choice

My daughter graduated from high school last June, and she was accepted to several different colleges in Florida.

I was happy that she decided to stay local, even if some of the in state schools were five or six hours away.

After weighing her options, my daughter decided to accept an invitation to the University of South Florida or USF for short. This Tampa college has one of the best marine biology programs in the country. Between the Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, there are two large bodies of water with entirely different underwater ecosystems. I think this is the number one reason why Diane chose to attend USF in Tampa. So far, the classes are proving to be the toughest part of the experience. I thought my daughter would feel lost in a big city like Tampa Bay, but she loves visiting the city and walking downtown. There are at least 100 different restaurants, museums, and historical landmarks to see and visit. Every time I talk to her on the phone, she tells me a different story about Tampa, Florida. She always has good things to say. I know my child will thrive during her four years of school at USF. She already enjoys the classes and the friendships. I hope she won’t decide to stay in Tampa after school is over. I would miss my oldest child, and I wouldn’t get to see her very frequently. Even though we are still in the same state, the Tampa Bay area is a 5 hour drive from our home.

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