Tampa Bay is very large and scary

Tampa Bay is one of the largest and shallowest bodies of water in Florida.

The Tampa Bay is actually one large body of water that contains multiple small bays.

The Tampa Bay is one of the largest open bodies of water in the whole state. It extends nearly 400 miles. Three different counties are included in the Tampa Bay. With the shallow waters, mangrove fields, and mud flats, there is a variety of areas for different types of wildlife. The Tampa Bay is home to manatees, dolphins, sharks, clams, and crabs. There are many different species of birds, fish, and insects. There are two Wildlife Refuges located in the Tampa Bay area. It can be so large and intimidating. When you are out in the middle of Tampa Bay, you can’t see anything except water. It can be very scary to get lost in a boat. My family and I took our small deck boat out on the water last weekend. We were fishing for several hours. After noon, we decided to go back to the dock to clean our fish and stock the boat. We must have gotten turned around, because we completely lost our way. Thankfully, we keep an emergency phone, map, and flare gun on the boat. We took out the map and tried to find our location. We drove around the bay for 90 minutes, before we decided to call for help on our emergency phone. The boat was running out of gas and we didn’t want to be stuck on the water all night long.

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