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As most of us can attest, if you have been a small business owner over the last decade, you have had to stay creative to stay alive. This goes double for our family business. Getting into the printing game was never even a faint thought. Primarily, all of us have been in the refurnishing business with a focus on older, more ornate style of furniture. However, with the economic downturn, all of us have had to be a bit more nimble. The printing business looked to be a market all of us could help professionally fill, while maintaining our core business. After doing a wonderful bit of market research, all of us settled on custom label printing in addition to doing tagless t-shirt design. The custom label section of the business is 1 all of us can live on the competitive margins as far as price point. There are plenty of local business as far as immediate custom tasks. Our Bepop custom label printer allows us to turn even fairly giant orders overnight. This ability to be so adjustable is 1 of the reasons all of us went with Bepop. However, the secret joy has been doing the custom t-shirt printing. The two of us were amazed at how creative all of us were in addition to what a attractive outlet for people who certainly just like restoring beautiful furniture. The two of us contacted Arrow systems in addition to were able to minimize investment buy purchasing gently used digital t-shirt printers. With the printing component, our passion for furniture is made possible in addition to those that all of us employ are able to make a wonderful living wage. Decorative solutions are everywhere in addition to printing is a wonderful way to do it.

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