Switching from teaching group classes to personal training for a change of pace

The two of us discuss nutrition, along with pains they might suffer from

For some time, I was teaching this ladies’ only fitness class, in this local gym near home. There was a good deal of interest at first, as I held classes about every other day. There was usually about twenty ladies that showed up, but catering the intensity level of the class to a wide scope was a challenge! The majority of the ladies were either thinking the class was too strenuous, or too easy! It wasn’t worth my time anymore when my group shrunk so heavily. I realized that targeting such a substantial group wasn’t the best way to go about it! So, I needed to be able to customize the workout to each individual’s needs. I moved from there to start offering personal training, geared directly towards ladies. With flyers hung up at the gym as well as around town, it took some time for my personal training to take off. Eventually, these ladies started seeing results and told their friends about it! Before long, I found myself with a waiting list! I now work with ladies that are in their early twenties, or as late as their seventies! I love being able to personalize the workout to suit their needs, and help them achieve their goals. The two of us discuss nutrition, along with pains they might suffer from. Hopefully, where they most need improvement will be improved in time! We work on charting progress as well, and that provides terrific motivation! There is a much bigger success rate through personal training, which I have truly grown to love.



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