Few sports are as demanding as gymnastic dance!

Besides practicing their dance routines, there’s also stunts and tumbling

I operate this awesome all-star dance gym, in which I train about a hundred kids each summer. My teams travel all over the country for competitions, where we’ve taken some of our older teams to victory! Despite the common thoughts are, competitive dance is much more of a strenuous sport than people realize. See, most of these kids are highly trained athletes performing complicated skills and routines. They are required to master intricate dance steps, with ideal timing and perfect balance. By executing complicated mounts from bin tosses to 360’s, twist-downs to liberties and more, they prove their ability to tumble and dance with passion and flair. My goal is not only to create winning teams i this gym, but also prevent injury! Encouraging these kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle is ideal. With expectations from the sport becoming ever increasingly demanding, many of the kids need to be in tremendous shape to win! They can’t be overweight in the least bit, or lack stamina compared to the competition. With everything from flexibility to strength receiving attention, the team members here are trained to win. Besides practicing their dance routines, there’s also stunts and tumbling. Many cheerleaders train here, utilizing free weights, wobble boards, resistance bands, jump ropes in addition to weighted balls to improve their core and limb strength. The job of training a team this size is a challenge, but so is working with them on a 1-v-1 basis! I’ve found that there are huge benefits to personal training though, and with individual attention, the trainer can focus on weaknesses to plan out a personalized goal plan.


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