My central Heating and A/C system pulls a lot of electricity

After numerous months of sky high electricity bills, I made the decision to get to the bottom of what was consuming so much energy inside my house.

One of the very first things I did was swap out each incandescent light bulb for a wildly more efficient LED lightbulb.

I read that they draw a fraction of the energy plus they last longer than most incandescent light bulbs. Next, I decided to take colder showers and to try and use less warm water overall in hopes that possibly our hot water heater had something to do with the outrageous energy expenses. However, despite my initial efforts, I couldn’t decrease my electricity costs as much as I anticipated. So, I carried on, and the next thing I decided to do was put all of my appliances and electronics on power surge strips to turn them off when I wasn’t using them. Randomly one morning, I began to notice that perhaps some of my energy expenses were coming from my cooling system. It’s July here, so it’s running intermittently throughout the entire day I decided to raise the temperature on my thermostat slightly each morning, and attempted to control the temperature for a more warm and humid indoor environment. Thankfully, my cooling system seemed to be the exact culprit in my out of control electricity bills. The only concern I had was that the alternative was unbearable. After numerous weeks of attempting to make it through miserably sweaty days and evenings, I gave in & started using my cooling system like I was previously. I’m going to see if there’s some conceivable way to make my Heating plus A/C system more efficient while it runs all day. Perhaps it’s just a concern with how the HVAC duct was designed.
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