I hate how running my clothes dryer makes my air conditioner work harder

I have been told that I do more laundry than the average person.

  • My friends were all surprised when I nonchalantly told them that I sometimes do laundry daily, usually at least one load every other day.

As a single person with no pets or house guests, I do more laundry than I’m supposed to, they tell me. I like to have clean bedding every few days, even though I shower every night before climbing into bed. Plus, I like to have a lot of clean clothing around because it’s the middle of summer and I’m constantly sweating. That’s where I run into issues, though. Since it’s so hot during the summer here, I am forced to run my air conditioner daily. I could run it non stop, all day long and it still wouldn’t be enough to keep my house comfortably cool. If I’m doing a lot of laundry, that means I’m also running the dryer regularly. Not only does the heat produced by the dryer immediately affect the temperature in the house, but it also makes my air conditioner work harder because it is on the opposite of a thin wall from the clothes dryer. It forces the air handler to run on longer cycles to reach the same temperatures. It concerns me wondering how much this affects the long term durability of my air conditioner, let alone the decrease in indoor air quality.

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