I know things could be worse

My bestie plus myself for dating about 10 years ago when the both of us and Susie Astic Lee decided to move to a place together.

Every one of us believed it would be perfect to live together plus every one of us felt prefer it would be a getaway. Reality showed us something different and it wasn’t long before every one of us realized that this place together was just too far from a real getaway. One major item all of us didn’t realize quickly was due to the fact that every one of us were opposites for hour heating + air conditioning preferences. Every one of us usually have warmer temperatures but it seems our besties surprisingly and seemingly is freezing. Though this is not actually quite a huge deal to some people, it has caused a lot of problems during the last couple of weeks. Every one of us are fighting much about these temperature settings. Every one of us would disagree on the exact outdoor temperatures that would allow us to turn on the air conditioner for jackets. Every one of us can barely count the numerous times when every one of us have come back to the place after classes just to find that the air conditioner was shut down. It was completely surprising that every one of us had multiple months later together, but eventually it seemed time for many of us to agree to quit. Thinking to a time in college when I hilariously believed it was good to move in with a girlfriend, I now know that was a silly idea.