The dry indoor air

Being a model is a lot of work, and you have to be truly conscious of the things that you eat and you constantly want to make sure that your hair is trimmed and colored appropriately and also that your nails are serviced as well.

You never guess when your director is going to call and tell you that you have to go to a particular audition or booking, and when you go to these things you want to make sure that you look great so you can land the work, but i shall never forget that this one audition I went to I had truly staticky hair! This was all due to the fact that our humidifier was not working in our house and I had to walk into the audition with our hair all frizzy and staticy.

It was seriously embarrassing but now I guess that I need to make sure our humidifier and heating and cooling plan is serviced so I don’t walk into a room again with staticy hair, then now I’m aware that maintaining proper humidity level is seriously important not only for our hair but for our health comfort and well-being too. I guess the reason why our humidifier stopped working that day was because it had not been cleaned truly frequently. I’ve learned our lesson in that it’s constantly important to at least wash it once every heating season or twice every heating season if you have hard water. After our heating and cooling specialist checked our humidifier he found the problem. The obstructed water valve which our heating and cooling specialist inspected to be the main problem was completely plugged, then he was able to unclog the blockage in our humidifier and I was able to have our hair back to normal again.


Heater maintenance