Living in a camper for awhile and my A/C system needs to be replaced

I have been residing in a camper for the past six weeks now and to be honest I never thought that I would live in a camper. I bought my first house when I was twenty eight, plus it was charming. I went away on vacation last year, and while I was away, my house completely burned down, and they were never able to figure out the cause for the fire. Thankfully I had entirely good insurance, and they were willing to work with me. I have been residing in a camper while my new house is being built. It has been a long process, but it will hopefully be worth it in the end. I have really learned a lot about residing in a camper in the past couple of weeks. I have had air conditioning concerns in my camper and it has been such a pain especially since it’s so hot outside. It is literally over ninety degrees just about everyday and the funny thing is that my air conditioner works some nights and other nights it does not work at all. I woke up yesterday morning to an entirely warm camper. I even went and put my hand up to the vents just to think warm air was coming out. I was so anxious because it had been doing so superb for about a week. I have no plan for what to do with my absurd air conditioner except for the fact in calling my HVAC provider. It works when it wants to plusand does not work when it does not want to. I had a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional take a look at it a couple of nights ago, but it was working just great when he evaluated it. Hopefully soon I will be able to figure out this mess or move into my new home soon.


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