I think it is about time that I change the filters on my air conditioner

I was always one of those girls that people considered a clean freak.

I always had a clean room growing up, and I never even went into my sister’s room because it was so messy.

I could not stand the way that my family lived although to most people, it was normal. My family was definitely not dirty, but the house looked lived in for sure. I was a clean freak all the way up until I had our first baby. I realized how much work it was to take care of a house, a husband, and a baby. I could not keep up very well. Now, I clean when I can, but I am no longer obsessed with having a clean home 24/7. One thing that I used to be so good at keeping up on was cleaning the filters in my air conditioner. I did a study when I was in high school about the importance of having clean filters in an air conditioner, so up until I had my first baby, I cleaned and changed the filters in my air conditioners regularly. To be honest, I cannot even remember the last time I changed the filters in my two air conditioners. I do not even want to think about it. My kids have been sick lately, and I really hope that it is not from the air conditioners. I made a to do list for tomorrow, and I made sure to put changing the air conditioning filters on the list. It will give me so much peace of mind once I know there are clean filters in my air conditioners.


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