Changing air filters on an air conditioner is extremely important.

I was always 1 of those girls that people considered a person who always loved to clean.

  • I always had a cleaning room growing up, and I never even went into my sibling’s room because it was so messy.

I could not sit the way that my family lived although to most people, it was normal. My family was entirely not dirty, however the lake house that we lived in was dirty to me. I always cared about cleaning until I had my baby. I realized how much work it was to take care of a house, a wife, as well as a baby. I could not keep up! Now, I clean when I can, although I am no longer obsessed with having a clean lake house 24/7. One thing that I used to be so fantastic at keeping up on was cleaning the filters in my air conditioning system. I did learn when I was in high school about the importance of having air filters in an air conditioning system, so up until I had my first baby, I cleaned as well as changed the filters in my air conditioning systems consistently. To be honest I cannot even remember the last time I changed the filters in my A/C system. I don’t even want to think about it. My kids have been sick lately, as well as I hope that it is not from the air conditioning system. I made a to do list for tomorrow, as well as I made sure to put a note on adjusting the a/c filters on the list. It will give myself and others so much peace of mind once I know there clean air filters in my air conditioning system.


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