Old house, new HVAC

I guess it’s their home and it’s up to them what they do and don’t replace

After a wild four years at college earning my degree I have now had to move back in with my parents. I know it’s not the worst thing in the world to have to move back in with your parents, in fact it has been a pretty good deal so far. I don’t have to pay any rent, my parents whip up great meals for dinner, and I no longer have to deal with noisy roommates. The only thing that I am not enjoying while living back with my parents is dealing with all of the noise that the HVAC system tends to make. I can be a person that exaggerates things, but when I tell you that the constant banging and screeching noises that come from the old HVAC system keep me up all night I mean it. I have only been living here for a month and I have already offered to cover half of the fees in order to get an HVAC contractor in here to fix things up, but for whatever reason my parents are not willing to do so. Apparently all of the things in the home belonged to my grandparents before they passed on so my dad is still too sentimental to move onto more modern things. I guess it’s their home and it’s up to them what they do and don’t replace. I know one thing, however, as long as that old HVAC system is still making all that sound at night I will be as motivated as ever to save up money and get the heck out of here.
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