Always check the filter

For the past month or so I have been having so many problems with my house.

This isn’t exactly a mystery or anything like that, we actually know exactly why the problems have kicked off.

The first thing that ended up going wrong was when we moved my moms dog Spots in with us because she said she was now too old to take care of him. Spots is one of those extremely small dogs that look more like a big ball of fur than an actual dog. I didn’t know Spots all that well prior to when he moved in with us, but now that he is living with us we are quickly finding out that he likes to mess with things. One of the things that he seemed to prefer to do the most was his obsession with the HVAC system. No matter the time of the day or what was going on in the home this dog would constantly rub itself on the HVAC system, getting it’s fur and dirt trapped into the air ducts. This quickly led to a snowball effect of poor air quality in the home, which led to my partner and I’s health declining. We even asked our neighbor who works as a certified HVAC repair tech if there was any way to avoid this problem with Spots obsession with the HVAC unit, but all he told us was that we could try to block off his path to the unit and keep up with cleaning the air ducts and vents every week or so. My mom is only 60 years old, and now I think it’s safe to say that she was far from being too old like she told me, she was just ready to stop dealing with this furry, HVAC obsessed dog on a daily basis.

Furnace filter