I don’t clean my air filters as much as I used to

I was always the type of person that was called a clean freak.

I always had to disinfect some room growing up, in addition I never even went into our sibling’s room because it was so messy.

I could not stand the way that our family lived although to everyone, it was normal and to me it wasn’t. My family was genuinely dirty, but the lake house we lived in wasn’t. I was a disinfect freak all the way up until we had our first baby. I realized how much work it was to take care of a house, a hubby, and in addition to a baby. I could not keep all this in line. Now, I disinfect when I can, although I am no longer obsessed with having a disinfected house 24/7. One thing that used to be so nice at keeping up on was cleaning the filters in our A/C system. I did learn when I was in college about the importance of having disinfected air filters in an HVAC system. But up until I had our first baby, I cleaned and changed the filters in our A/C system constantly, then to be honest, I cannot even remember the last time I changed the filters. I don’t even want to assume it. My youngsters have been sick lately, and I hope that it is not from the dirty air filters. I made a to do list for tomorrow, where I made sure to put brand new air filter in our A/C system.


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