You don’t want to argue with somebody who knows the benefits of HVAC system maintenance

I argue a lot with people, but mainly because I feel that I am right about most things.

When somebody was trying to tell me the other day that I get too much HVAC system maintenance, they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

I got into the nitty gritty with them. First of all, I explained that there was no such thing as having too much HVAC system maintenance. When you are taking care of all the components of your HVAC system, you are doing what is called preventative maintenance. When they tried to say that I was only wasting my money, I laughed at them before continuing. I explained that I am on an HVAC system maintenance, so I actually was paying less money for all this HVAC system maintenance compared to most people when calling for HVAC system repairs only when they necessarily needed it. I said it was incredibly foolish to only call the HVAC company when your HVAC system was experiencing severe issues or actually breaking down. This is because a lot of these issues start small and are easy to fix. If you let them go on the other hand, you end up paying a small fortune to have everything fixed and you might never have the HVAC working up to full capacity after it has gone through various extreme conditions. You don’t want a struggling HVAC that causes you to have high energy bills, you want an HVAC running at its best always so that your energy bills are low and you never have to worry about HVAC system breakdowns.


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