I’m sure glad I had the temperature control settings just right when my wife and I had our first date

My wife and I had a very interesting first date.

  • While I thought about taking her out to dinner or something, we ended up just hanging out at my place and watching some Netflix.

They didn’t have the streaming service back then, but they had the DVDs, that’s how long ago it was. We actually were very passionate about each other very quickly and when we listened to a little Marvin Gaye, we were getting a little into the action on our own as well. You know like the song “Let’s get it on”, we were definitely getting it on. I think something that my wife appreciated is the fact that I had such nice temperature control settings in my place. I always loved to keep the temperature control on 71, but for her I cranked up the A/C a little beforehand. I’m glad that I did things that way because I didn’t expect things to go quite as well as they did. Talk about getting hot and sweaty, that A/C was necessary and I’m glad that I didn’t have to ruin the situation by running to the thermostat to crank up the A/C some more. I actually had the temperature control settings just right. We had such a great night and I think we knew from that first time together that we were meant to be together. I wasn’t going to ask her to marry me right away or anything, but I was already thinking about saving enough money to get her a really nice ring and afford an excellent wedding.

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