Having clean air filters and maintenancing them really help with the overall being of a home

I was typically one of those people that people would name a clean freak.

I typically had a clean room growing up, and I never even went into my sister’s room because it was so messy.

I could not stand how my family lived although to most people, it was normal in that aspect. My family was entirely not dirty, but the home looked like we did in a sense. I was a clean freak all the way up until I had our first baby. I realized how much work it actually was to take care of a house, a husband, plus a baby. I could not keep up with all of that work. Now I just clean when I can, although I am no longer obsessed with having a clean home 24/7, there is one thing that I used to be so superb. And that was keeping up on was cleaning the filters in our a/c. I did learn a few years ago from our HVAC technician on the importance of having clean filters in an a/c, and this was right up until I had our first baby. I cleaned and changed the filters in our a/c properly, then to be honest, I cannot even remember the last time I changed the filters in my A/C. I don’t even want to have to think about all of that. My youngsters have been sick lately, and I honestly hope that it is not from the air conditioning unit. I made a to do list for tomorrow, just to make sure I buy new ones. Having new a/c filters will give me so much peace of mind once I they’re replaced.


HVAC technician