I can’t believe how much the heating system in our church cost

Now that I am in charge of the maintenance in our church, I have learned a lot about industrial technology versus the technology that is in my house. I fix a lot of the stuff around my house, which has been a huge financial blessing. When my heating system stops working, I know how to fix it, and I have been able to keep my old central air conditioner working. Besides that, I know how to do a lot of the other kinds of maintenance projects too. When my pastor learned that I knew how to fix HVAC units and do other small projects, I was immediately hired to work on stuff at the church. However, now that I have seen the heating system at our church, I realize why the pastor needs a maintenance man. Most churches that I have been to have multiple furnaces that keep the entire church warm, but our church only has one massive heating system. In the closet of one of the rooms, our church has an old boiler system that was installed nearly 20 years ago. The heating system cost the church more than $20,000, and it has been faithfully heating the church since it was installed. The only trouble is that this heating system is old. They have been calling HVAC technicians to have them fix it, but the repairs are costing a fortune. They wanted someone who knows how to prevent all of these HVAC problems before they happen. I shouldn’t be complaining though, because I am pretty excited about having a job.

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