My new window air conditioner is the coolest that I ever have gotten for Christmas

When I was younger, I asked for a lot of silly things for Christmas. Mostly, I coveted the latest toy or the latest clothing trend, but this year, I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. My room is unbearably hot, but it isn’t my fault. The house that we live in was too small for my family, so my dad decided to turn the attic into a living space. He insulated it well and even ran a vent from the central air conditioner to try to keep it cool, but it hasn’t been working. During the winter, my room stays pretty warm, but during the summer, the central air conditioner hardly takes the edge off of the heat from the outside. I have been living in this room for a few years, and I have been begging for a window air conditioner in my room. The only trouble is that I always ask for a new air conditioner in the middle of the summer after the temperatures get hot. My parents can never afford to just spend a couple of hundred dollars on an air conditioner, and since I have been dealing with it for so long, they figure that I can manage to deal with the air conditioner problem for just a few more years. Instead, I decided to ask for only one thing for Christmas. I convinced them that it would be better for me to get a window air conditioner for Christmas than anything else. Since it would be winter, I was sure that the air conditioner would be on sale and much cheaper than it would be in the summer. I got my air conditioner, and I can’t wait to use it this summer.


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