There is something different with my HVAC technician

When I first met the HVAC technician that was going to begin working on my HVAC units for the foreseeable future, it was very obvious that there was something different about the HVAC technician.

I don’t mean to say that my HVAC technician is bad at what he does.

In fact, this HVAC technician is probably the best HVAC technician that I have ever seen. He consistently fixes my HVAC units faster than I ever thought possible before. The only weird part about it is that my HVAC technician is obviously very socially awkward. Most HVAC technicians that I have hired in the past were very good talkers. Since these HVAC technicians are plunged into customer service, they have to be good at talking to customers while they fix their heating systems and air conditioners. If they don’t, the HVAC company might lose business, which nobody wants. However, this new HVAC technician doesn’t seem to understand that you have to be friendly with customers. He just walks into our house and fixes our HVAC units without every saying, “Hi.” Sure, he fixes our HVAC units at a faster rate than any other HVAC technician, which saves us money, but I still found it strange. One day, I talked to the owner of the HVAC company, and he told me that this specific HVAC technician had autism. He is the owner’s son, and even though he is socially different, he is the most skilled HVAC technician that they have. Apparently, autism has helped him with his career work on HVAC units.


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