The HVAC technician fixing my furnace is obviously hurting emotionally

Finally, I decided to ask the HVAC technician about it.

I have never given much thought about the HVAC technician that works on my HVAC unit. We seem to have an understanding. He works on my HVAC units whenever they stop working, and I pay the HVAC technician good money to do it. Still, I don’t have any idea about the life of the HVAC technician. I know that he probably has a family and interests, but when he is working on my HVAC units, he is all business. He never gets distracted from his work, which I appreciate. However, today, it is very obvious that something is bothering the HVAC technician. The HVAC technician is usually very stoic, and if he has emotions, I have never seemed him. However, when I saw the HVAC technician today, it was very obvious that something was bothering him. Still, the HVAC technician had a job to do, and he wasn’t going to let that distract him from repairing our heating system. However, when I checked on the HVAC technician as he was working, I couldn’t help but notice that the HVAC technician was crying and struggling. He put it off his face quickly when he saw me, but I knew that something was wrong with him. Finally, I decided to ask the HVAC technician about it. He apologized for upsetting me, but I disregarded it and persisted. That is when the HVAC technician told me that his wife left him. I couldn’t believe that the HVAC technician was still working after something like that. I wish that I would have known how I could help.


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