Why can’t HVAC companies give out better coupons

Lately, a lot of the HVAC companies in our town have been giving out coupons to help pay for the services of their HVAC technicians. We have a lot of HVAC companies in our town, and apparently, the HVAC companies are having a hard time attracting more customers. HVAC companies are always wanting to grow just like any other business, but it is hard when the town that they live in isn’t growing. Everyone who needs an HVAC company to keep their HVAC units working is hiring them, and everyone who isn’t hiring HVAC technicians obviously doesn’t need them. Since the HVAC companies are not likely to hire a new customer without an HVAC company, their only hope for customer growth is to steal customers from other HVAC companies. While this is a short-sighted method since people will likely switch to any company with a good enough deal, if the HVAC company can always offer the best deals, they will continue to grow. That is why the HVAC companies in our are offering coupons in the newspapers and online. One HVAC company started it, and now, all of the HVAC companies are printing coupons to try to get more business for their HVAC technicians. The only trouble, in my opinion, is that the HVAC companies don’t offer great coupons. These discounts are always based on percentages, and you always manage to spend a lot of money on HVAC repairs even with a coupon. I wish they had better HVAC coupons that would cover small repairs for free. That is an HVAC deal that I would be interested in.


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