My parents pick out great gifts at the holidays

When younger people ask for it crazy Christmas items, it’s usually one of the clothing or toy trends that are latest and greatest.

During this past year, I knew precisely what I would ask for from my parents for Christmas.

The room is unbearably and awfully hot, but this does not seem to be much of my fault. This home was created too small for this area and that means we’ve turned some of the attic space into living areas. We insulated the area very well + have some ventilation equipment that keeps the area cool. Lately it seems like the ventilation equipment has not been working properly. During winter days, the area is warm, but summer does not handle the warm air and the central air conditioner does barely any job from beating the Heat. I’ve been in this whole area for multiple years and I can’t say for sure that one great gift I would love is to have a window AC. The only real trouble is consistently begging for this AC. The temperatures are always hot Plus Cold during the summer and my parents don’t want to spend that cash on an AC in season. I was really surprised when they got me at Christmas in addition to surprise me with a window AC. It must have been cheaper because it wasn’t summer. In a few months, it’s going to be cold enough for me to use this new AC and I could not be more excited for those days to come. My parents really picked out a great gift for the holiday.

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