Junk coming out of the ductwork

Both of us have been experiencing a lot of super heavy winds here lately.

The weather has also been super hot on top of it.

As much as I totally hate this time of year, and hate the Summer in general, I am truly grateful for it this year. With all the heavy wind, there has been all kinds of dirt and other junk coming from outside into my air vents of the central cooling system system! I was sure this was happening through the HVAC duct somehow. So, I called up my local heating and air conditioner company to have them dispatch a heating and air conditioner specialist to my home to see what was going on, and what exactly the issue might be. It turned out that my HVAC duct was in desperate need of some dire HVAC duct sealing. In the long run, this could have killed my central heating and air conditioner. If it had not been for these heavy winds, I would have never known there was this dire of a problem! I authorized the certified heating and air conditioner specialist to go eighth with the HVAC duct sealing, and I would spend my money the cost, whatever it may be, lo and behold, once the HVAC duct sealing was done, I had no more problems with the outdoor junk coming in. Also, I noticed that my central air conditioner idea was powering through a lot better than it was before. So I guess for a while now, I had been getting lousy airflow, because of the HVAC duct needing to be sealed.

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