One more offer please

My neighbor was cleaning out an ancient warehouse of theirs where they had tons of ancient stuff hanging around! Yes, I said warehouse! My neighbor is pretty well off, so can afford these kind of things, however while cleaning out the warehouse, he came across a warm water boiler that had never been used.

The warm water boiler was givin to him by a nice pal of his who worked in the heating as well as cooling industry.

They had some spare warm water boilers they couldn’t sell, so our neighbor took a single! He had no use for the warm water boiler, so that is why it ended up in his warehouse. He called me as well as told me about this warm water boiler, as well as asked me if I wanted it. He had known that I had been looking to replace our boiler that I had for quite some time, so this was a opening to get a brand new, never touched, as well as in perfect working order warm water boiler! I was glad about this, because I was just about to spend a lot of money to buy a single myself. The only thing I have to spend our savings for now is the actual replacement of the warm water boiler. This is going to be a bit on the overpriced side of things, but, it won’t be costing me half as much as it would have. If I had to buy the warm water boiler as planned, I would have spent several thoUSnd dollars for sure. I owe a lot to our neighbor for this kind gesture.


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