Feeling really homesick these days

My life has changed a lot since I moved to the Northeast.

I came from the West where we would be fine with just using heat pumps.

These days, I have to deal with lengthy winter seasons that are entirely freezing. We get tons of snow and it honestly seems like I am never able to catch a break from it all. We have to regularly have the fireplace checked out and cleaned. We also have to make sure the gas furnace is always tuned up and ready to go for another lengthy winter season. It has been tough and I am very different from most of the people in these parts, but it has been growing on me. The only time I really feel like myself is when I go back to visit family and friends from where I come from. It’s strange because my old home is starting to feel a little more foreign to me every year, but I don’t get along with people as well as the people from my old home. Even though I have enjoyed my experience with living in the Northeast, I am thinking about going back home. I would love to just be able to depend on a heat pump once again and not have to worry about shoveling and snow blowing all the time. I do miss my old way of life very much and I wish I could see my old friends and family more often. I’m actually working on saving enough money to get ready to move back to the West.


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