The movie made me cold

I was watching this pretty cool show on television.

It took place back in the time when people fought with swords and axes.

The people were in a major battle and it was snowing heavily. Watching all of these people in the snow made me shiver.. It’s a good thing that I have a smart thermostat because I was able to adjust the thermostat settings with the smart app on my phone. I adjusted the temperature from seventy to seventy-four, to keep from shivering. That’s how cold I was feeling. Usually when I am using the furnace, I think it is just right when the temperature is at seventy degrees. That’s when I realized the humidifier wasn’t working. The water tank was empty in the humidifier and I needed to fill it up. Once I put water in the humidifier, seventy degrees was feeling good again. I’m sure it was just a combination of humidifier and the fact that I was seeing all these people fighting in such cold weather. It was hard to imagine what it must have been like back in those times being in battles in those weather conditions.. I love the conveniences of new technology, and especially HVAC. Maybe someday I will update my heating system to radiant heated flooring. Before that time, I am going to have to save a lot of money so I can afford the radiant heated flooring. I wonder if people from back in the time of axes and swords, ever thought that someday we would have HVAC in our homes to keep us comfortable.

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