I was sad about my dad.

Whenever the weather gets bad, I worry about my mother.

I think that she is an adult who has been taking care of herself since she was fifteen. I also think that since my father passed away, she hasn’t been taking care of herself and she should. My brother plus I tend to keep an eye out for her. Both of us alternate who is going to see every couple of afternoons. Both of us also call her every day to see if she is doing all right. I tried to talk her into moving in with my fiance plus I. She told me the only reason she would move in would be to be close to her grandkids. She was not going to give up her lake house because my brother plus I thought she was unable to take care of herself. She was legitimately independent for someone who was nearly seventy. She laughed at me when I called to make sure she had enough fuel to get her through the next couple of weeks. I reminded her that if the gas furnace were to quit working, she could constantly call plus every one of us would come plus take her lake house with us. She reminded me that she had the gas furnace inspected by the Heating plus A/C business, less than various weeks ago. She also had fuel delivered only various weeks ago, plus she was fine. I think that every one of us shouldn’t know love every one of us need to mother her, although she did such a good job when every one of us were growing up; every one of us want to return the favor. I periodically wonder if I would be able to remember to have the Heating plus A/C system inspected plus to take care of the air filters, if I were in her situation.