Back in the day, I disliked sleeping in hotels. In both the country and cities, the rooms felt the same. Wall mounted HVAC devices seemed not to work when they were needed. Broken temperature control knobs and switches were common. I dealt with leaking vents and water coming out of the a/c unit. I also got to smell horrible mold, dirt and burnt hair when the HVAC in hotels operate. So, 3 years after my retirement, I took a road trip out to the country. I cringed at the thought of having to stay in hotels. I cringed not because of the bills, receptions, or the long drive. The thought of inconsistent temperatures in hotel rooms due to poor heating and air conditioning was my worry. I decided for the first time ever, I was going to spend more on a hotel. Rather than go under 100 bucks, I went into the 200 range. I got a hotel that had multiple floors, a gym and had a restaurant. I wanted to know if classier hotels came with better HVAC. When I arrived, I was surprised to find that the design of the HVAC units were more modern than what I was used to. The knobs were on tight. The HVAC did not smell when it turned on. I could hardly hear a sound when the HVAC operated. The air or heat would turn on almost immediately when the thermostat was turned. Would this last the night or would I have to call room maintenance to complain as I’d done for years? Turns out, no! I had a great night of sleep in my fancier hotel. It was worth the extra 100 bucks to not worry about HVAC control.

Dizzy spells only because of no a/c

New HVAC equipment