In school, I was an all-around athlete. I had amazing strength, stamina and speed. My teammates loved it but opponents would grow frustrated as the wrestling matches went on. It was a surprise when later in life I got some dizzy spells. I always was the pinnacle of health and fitness. Where did this weakness come from? I thought for a while it was allergies. That was not it though. For days I woke up feeling lethargic and a shower in the morning didn’t help. After my daily chores, I drove to my brother’s lake house and felt somewhat better. In the background, I could hear the A/C kicking on at regular intervals. I never thought of it until I stepped outside and the heat struck again. In the car, I was fine but I got dizzy spells a few hours after getting home. I sat down but I started to sweat as soon as I got to bed. I realized that it was not allergies, being weak or my age. The issue with being dizzy was all cooling related. I did not own any AC except for a window cooling unit. I decided right then and there to update to central cooling. After experiencing good a/c for a week, I was no longer dizzy. Apparently I can’t handle intense heat, that is it. A little cooling really went a long way for me. Now I am able to do all my sports and go about my day. I just needed a modern cooling system.

The pizza joint was freezing

a/c representative