My mom loves weed now that it’s legal

I have been a big advocate for legal marijuana for a long time.

I have enjoyed recreational marijuana, and so have most of my friends.

My mom is one of the coolest moms out there; while she had never smoked recreational marijuana herself, she’s always believed in people having the right to legal weed. When legal pot became available in my state, I took my mom with me to the recreational cannabis store near us to buy my first round of legal weed. While we were there, the store owner asked my mom if she had ever smoked recreational weed before. She told him that she had only smoked recreational weed once in the 80’s and it didn’t do anything for her. She had never even told me that before! The cannabis store owner and I looked at each other and smiled. It usually takes two times with recreational weed to really feel anything. The cannabis store owner told me to have my mom try recreational weed with me again that weekend and I promised him I would. My mom was kind of nervous at first- I guess there was still a mental stigma in her head about smoking recreational weed- but she agreed and smoked with me. We had the best time! I have never seen my mom that relaxed in my whole life! Nowadays we usually smoke some recreational marijuana together once a month, just to laugh and catch up. I’m so glad that legal marijuana is available to people like my mom now! Our relationship has never been better!


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