Personal trainer develops a program to get my blood pressure under control

A little over three years ago, following a routine physical, the doctor informed me that I had shown indications of high blood pressure.

She suggested that I make some big changes to my lifestyle.

We arranged a follow-up appointment for six weeks later. If I was unsuccessful at lowering my blood pressure during that time, I would need to start on medication. I was not OK with the idea of taking a series of pills that would certainly lead to some problematic long-term side effects. The doctor was not overly helpful with suggestions, so I went online and looked for effective methods of lowering blood pressure. Everything talked about eating properly and following a dedicated exercise program. I wasn’t sure how to make the right and sufficient changes to impact my blood pressure. I’ve never gotten involved in sports or had any issues with my weight. I’ve always eaten anything I want. My job requires me to sit in an office chair and stare at a screen all day, from monday to Friday. I gave some consideration to signing up for a gym membership but realized I wouldn’t know what to do with it. If I wasn’t held responsible, I’d probably fail to show up. I decided that a personal trainer was the best plan. I checked some reviews, discovered a trainer that sounded like a perfect fit for me and gave him a call. We arranged a time for a consultation, sat down together and talked over everything. She wanted to know about my concerns with blood pressure, my regular eating habits and types of physical interests. I got weighed and measured. That’s when I realized I’d put on quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years. The personal trainer said that she’d assisted lots of people with blood pressure concerns. She then developed a plan that included a nutritious diet and a strenuous fitness regiment. I participated in one-on-one training sessions with instruction and I also began working out on my own. I stuck to the personal trainer’s advice and saw immediate improvement in my energy and productivity. I dropped weight, improved strength and even started sleeping better at night. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was so proud of the improvement in my appearance. I even appeared younger. When I went back for the next appointment with my doctor, my blood pressure had dropped down to a healthy level.


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