The convenience of a home gym

Until just a couple of years ago, I was enrolled at one of the larger, commercial gyms in the area.

  • The membership fees were super high, but I liked having access to so many types of equipment and machines for my fitness regiment.

I was dedicated to spending time at the gym at least five times during the week. It was sometimes a challenge to get there. I had a half hour commute just to get to the gym. I’d then workout for 60 minutes or longer and require a shower before driving home. Since I was already out of the house, I’d often run some errands. My visit to the gym ate up a major part of my day. After my children were born, there just wasn’t sufficient time available to visit the gym and I gave up my membership. I had to figure out some other means of keeping in shape. I decided to buy some workout equipment for my home. I emptied the basement and set up a home gym. It was fairly expensive, but I equipped the area with a stationary bike, elliptical, yoga mats, resistance bands, jump rope and free weights. I don’t have the selection of machines provided by a commercial gym, but there’s enough to fulfill my requirements. I prefer the convenience of having a gym in the basement. I can workout at any time of day or night. If I have two hours or twenty minutes available, I can get in a sweat. There’s no reason to arrange for babysitting, and I’ve set aside a play area to occupy my little ones. Now and then I workout during the middle of the night when the whole family is asleep. I’m definitely working out harder and more frequently now, and I avoid the expense of the gym membership.


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