Gym slowly becomes rundown

I enrolled in my local gym shortly in January nearly ten years ago.

They were advertising a special with a super cheap membership fee.

I was so eager to have access to state-of-the-art machines and lots of amenities. The gym was outfitted with the latest innovations in equipment. They offered an array of stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines, treadmills and stairmasters. The weight-lifting area in the gym offered an inventory of free weights, kettlebells and weighted balls. A whole section was devoted to machines to target all of the major muscle groups. I was also impressed with the modern locker rooms, showers, sauna and the lap pool. The gym included tanning beds and massage therapy. However, over the years, the gym has steadily become more and more outdated. The machines have experienced a tremendous amount of wear and tear and haven’t been regularly serviced. Quite a few of them are no longer operational and need to be replaced. I’d like them to bring in some new, modern machines and expand the gym. There are now fitness options on the market that link via wireless capacity and provide a video screen. This creates a more interactive workout. Because of malfunctions with several of the machines, there’s typically a wait to get on a treadmill or a stationary bike. A couple of the bikes make an annoying squeaking sound. I’ve noticed that the gym is no longer maintained as neat and clean as it once was. There’s often a foul odor in the air and the gym feels slightly overheated. Just recently, the manager of the gym informed me that they planned to raise the cost of membership. I told him that if the fees were raised, I was looking for a new gym.

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