I am not supposed to change the air filter in our HVAC unit

Right now, everyone is saying that you are supposed to change the air filter on your HVAC units, but apparently, the lavish HEPA air filters on your HVAC component are really crucial for your health, and normally, the air filters in your HVAC component are intended to prevent dust from getting into your HVAC unit, but this serves a dual purpose; First of all, if you prevent dust and other particles from getting into the HVAC unit, you can prevent parts from breaking when the particles get into it.

The fans and stuff in the HVAC component can easily cut if you don’t change your air filter officially.

Also, by filtering the air that comes into your HVAC unit, you can scrub the air that is going around your house, and however, there is a virus that is going around our nation that is really dangerous, and the experts are telling us that the air filter in your HVAC component can prevent the virus from spreading around your house. The HEPA air filter is really effective in this. However much I may want to change the air filter in our HVAC unit, I am not allowed to change the air filter in our house… I am renting this apartment, and our property owner would kill me if he ever found out that I tried to repair something in the HVAC unit. I am not supposed to touch the HVAC component at all. However, the property owner also refuses to use the lavish HEPA air filter, so I am not getting all of the amazing benefits that I could be getting.
Air conditioning professional