I asked my professional for a filter that could disinfect viruses from my air

I am not genuinely skilled when it comes to car and loft maintenance.

I never l earned how to change my oil or any basic engine repair work, the most I can do is change a tire and disinfect the interior.

But that’s okay, because not almost everyone is an expert with everything, even with vehicles you get in and out of each day. I have a fantastic mechanic for any issues that ever arise with my car. I’m not recognizably handy around my loft either, however I’m not completely helpless either. I have never used a saw and I don’t think how to build shelves or furniture, but I have a power drill for the times I need it. Although I trust a professional plumber with the old plumbing method in my house, I have l earned a few things about clearing obstructed drains through seeing him work. The one thing I have a tiny bit of experience with is painting. I am somewhat efficient at using painter’s tape and getting seamless paint lines every time. I even managed to impress my sister’s husband who does loft painting for a living. Obviously I’m not as wonderful as he is, despite the fact that he assured myself and others that I’m better than most. There is one aspect of loft maintenance that I will always seek outside help for, and that is servicing and maintaining my central heating, ventilation, and cooling system. I don’t ever try to open my air handler or condenser and do self repairs because I think how pricey and technical the device is. Thankfully I have a contract with a actually knowledgeable Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional who answers all of the questions I can throw at him. Last month I asked him if there were filters that are powerful enough to catch viral microbes. With the airborne illnesses going around, multiple of us are looking to our central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems for filtration. I was impressed when he pulled one out of his truck and gave it to myself and others for free.