Management is too cheap to repair central air conditioning system

I labor in an office so I rest down all day long however lately I have been getting truly sweaty. This is because there’s something wrong with the air conditioner at work. The whole office is getting sizzling & sweaty & odory too, however by 5:00, I just want to go home, shower, & relax near our air conditioning system vent, however my co-workers & I have been complaining about the labor air conditioner however our supervisor does not seem to notice or care… She keeps blaming it on the heat wave. But it’s not even summer time yet & it’s this uncomfortable, what will happen in a few more weeks? Last year, the air conditioner worked superb all summer time long, then clearly, there’s more than just a heatwave to blame here. Management is just too cheap to pay to have an air conditioning system business out & take a look at it & then repair it. I wonder if it’s legal for the supervisors to ask us to labor in conditions care about this. Even if it is legal, it absolutely is not ethical. I recognize we’re all just going to have to go & get ourselves personal s for our desks. With a dozen of those personal s running, it’ll use up a lot of electricity. Maybe that will get management’s attention & they will finally go ahead & repair the central A similar tactic worked a few years ago when the oil furnace went out. They did not want to repair that either until the people I was with and I all started bringing in space furnaces & blowing fuses all over the office… Finally they broke down & fixed the oil furnace. I just hope the same tactic works for the


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