Bats are in our HVAC duct

My house has a bat problem, but i think bats can carry all kinds of viruses so this worries me a lot.

I called up a pest control corporation and they informed me that bats are protected and they cannot simply be killed, however the pest control corporation said they would have to remove the bats instead. I told them to go ahead and get started with that however it’s taking forever; Now, to make matters worse, some of the bats have moved into our Heating, Ventilation and A/C HVAC duct, guano from our ventilation plan and it odors awful too. I’m about to just transport out of this house and let the bats have it, at this point. I think that bats are believed to be the source of this virus going around right now. I think it was a bat from another country however if a single bat could get covid19, would not it make sense that other bats could get it as well and spread it? Instead of giving up on our home, I called out a better pest control corporation and they have almost resituated all of the bats already. I’ve also called up an Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation to come out and disinfect the HVAC duct for me. Then I’m going to have the entire attic professionally cleaned… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish the bats any real harm. I think it’s not their fault that people got sick. I just don’t want them in our HVAC duct making me sick. They can go live out their bat lives in a cave or something far away.



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