It’s only going to get worse

I met a couple of friends over to our current house for a housewarming party.

All of our friends were bringing appetizers plus drinks plus all of us had plans to hang out at my condo all night, then I was so excited to hang out with all the people.

I had only lived in this house for 5 days, there were a few things that I was not sure of. I could tell that the walls in the family room needed a fresh coat, as well as the tiles in the shower. The tiles were grimey plus could use a fantastic clean down. In the middle of our dinner, I noticed a odor of smoke from the window in my main home office, and without hesitation, I jumped from the dinner table to look at the situation. The window unit cooling system in our home office had started to show signs of damage! I had no doubts that something was off when I turned the window unit on for the first time. The fan took a long time to start up plus I wondered if it would even blow cool air. After about two hours, everything seemed to be finally working fine. I was not sure how a window unit cooling system should sound as this was our first experience with a single. The one in the family room was also loud, however I did not think there was anything wrong. I was not going to let the smoking window unit cooling system ruin our dinner party. I let it rest and sent a text to our landlord; She was able to assess the situation plus make it better by noon the following morning.


HVAC worker