I’ll keep using my HVAC equipment until it’s dead

I have managed to keep everything in my property running like it was when my parents willed it to me in the late 1990s.

I didn’t do any remodelling in the least & only replaced their aged refrigerator.

Despite requests to do otherwise, I left up the aged wallpaper & didn’t work on any painting. I ripped out all of the aged carpets & replaced them with good quality laminate flooring. After that, I was essentially done with the interior of the property. Sure, I planted flowers & trees over the years in the yard & slowly sculpted the landscaping, but the inside of the property easily stayed the same with no sizable variations. After getting current furniture a few years back, I had made no serious improvements or updates to the aged property. My best buddy happens to work in the office of a local heating & cooling equipment supplier. He tells myself and others all of the time that I should actually think about replacing the aged cooling equipment in my property. It has been there since before my parents died & hasn’t shown any major issues since. I told him that I have an HVAC serviceman out here on service calls every 3 months to make sure it’s working without any major setbacks. Surely anyone would take current Heating & A/C equipment if currency was not a drawback, despite the fact that I can’t afford the $6k it would cost for a property the size of this one. Until the central cooling equipment breaks while in constant use, I don’t really believe that I can justify spending the currency to replace it. I will keep running this HVAC equipment until it no longer works.

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