Really miss my old dog, same temp preferences & hair in the air filter

I have to admit, there are days that I randomly still break down and struggle with one thing in particular.

I desperately miss my dog who I lost in the middle of a break-up last year.

For years, my beloved dog and I were attached at the hip. We did everything together and spent every moment of the day side by side. Even though the other scars have faded, I have to admit that I still have emotional responses to my missing best friend. Embarrassingly, this can happen at almost any moment. The other day I actually humiliated myself in front of our usual heating, cooling, and ventilation technician when I was reminded of my lost best friend. I had noticed for several months that my indoor air quality seemed to be deteriorating and the indoor air temperature was unevenly hot and cold. I knew this was a sign that my central heating and cooling system wasn’t an optimal shape and I should consider calling out an air quality control specialist for help. I arranged for a routine diagnostic appointment with my cooling system, air duct to network, and ventilation plan. When the heating and cooling technician arrived, he got to work changing out the air filter and inspecting the extensive duct work right away. Everything was fine until he wanted to talk about his diagnostic results from the routine HVAC appointment. He told me the air filter had been absolutely packed with fine, dark hair and it was straining the central cooling system. That’s when I broke down into tears and asked if I could please keep the disgusting, dirty air filter. I know it’s creepy, but the layer of fur on the clogged filtration device is the only remains of my lost buddy. I expect I’ll need a new HVAC tech.