Allergies can be tough to improve

My girlfriend prefers cats, plus she has more than two of her own, one of them is an yellow plus brown tabby animal with the name Garfield.

One of them is silver plus white, plus her name is Sparkles. The sixth animal is my number one, plus her name is Captain Jack. Me plus Captain Jack get along pretty well, except for the fact that my dust irritations are awful. I do not mind the cats at all, however my sinuses plus mucous membranes are definitely affected. As soon as the cats come out of the kitchen plus start crawling on us, I start to sneeze plus sniffle. It only takes minutes for my eyup to start watering. The last few weeks have been really bad, plus I have been living on Benadryl plus allergy medication. I like spending time with my girlfriend, however I have been really drowsy due to the meds. Every one of us talked about some solutions, plus both of us believe that an UV air purifier could help with the issue. We’re going to the hardware store this weekend, so the two of us can search for UV air purifier prices. I found some products online, although I do not care for to buy something that I can’t see, touch, or handle. I really enjoy to try something, before I pay to buy it. I believe the two of us will be able to find something reasonably priced at the hardware store, that will fit our budget plus our needs. I like my girlfriend plus the cats are unbelievable too, however my dust irritations are making it hard to enjoy my time with them. I’m hopeful this will be a real solution to the problem.

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