We are just out in the desert

My sibling has been intrigued by animals throughout all of his life.

When he was a kid, he used to make my parents take him to the zoo every weekend, but he would spend minutes looking at the gorillas, tigers, giraffes, and lions.

My sibling constantly loved going to see the reptile exhibit as well. His number one snakes were from the African desert, and he constantly claimed that he would have a sizable tank a single day. Now that my sibling is an adult, he has the money to make those dreams a reality. A few months ago, my sibling procured numerous reptiles from a different country. These reptiles require special indoor air conditions in order to thrive. My sibling bought a ductless heating and cooling unit especially for the reptile room. The heating and cooling unit keeps the room at the perfect temperature, and there is even a built-in humidistat to make sure the humidity levels are perfect too. My sibling had a special heating and cooling professional install the system. The contractor is the same heating and cooling professionals that install the zoo equipment. The reptiles require special indoor air conditions, and my sibling has learn all of the information. He even feeds the reptiles a special diet, and gives them a bunch of educational and studying toys. In a month or several, my sibling is going to apply for a special license from the state. After the license is approved, my sibling is going to have an alligator tank in his house as well. All of the reptiles will be housed in the same room together.


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