Remember to clean the fan

If you have ceiling fans in your home, and most do these days, you will want to remember to clean the ceiling fans every so often. No matter how clean your home is otherwise, a dirty ceiling fan can really damage the air quality in your house! Even if you are one of those people that invested in whole home air purification systems, it wouldn’t mean anything if the ceiling fan was on and blowing dirt, dust and even pet dander all over the place. Even if you are not running the fan, if all the dust, dirt and pet dander is clogged up there, it is still going to affect your indoor air quality no matter what you have to combat it. I know for me it is hard to remember to clean the ceiling fans. This is why I hire a professional cleaning service to clean my home once a month. It gets a little expensive, but it is well worth it. Because then I don’t have to remember to clean the fans and I can just go about my business. I have a pretty busy schedule, so it gets tough to remember to clean or even have time to do it on my own. But the cleaning service ensures that my indoor air quality stays good. And yes, I am one of those people who invested in whole home air purification systems. I am someone who enjoys really good air quality and wants total indoor comfort in my home. And I do whatever it takes to achieve this.



HVAC technician