From one specialist to another

I am a certified heating and air conditioning specialist who works for one HVAC company.

  • And my good friend is also a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, and he works for one of the rival HVAC companies in town.

We both think it’s kind of funny that we are best buddies and should be against each other all the time because of this. But we don’t care about the heating and cooling businesses. To us, it is just a job to survive and support our families. And if one of the heating and air conditioning companies was to go under because the other took all the business, one of us would be able to find another heat and a/c company to work for easily with our certifications. We even give each other helpful HVAC tips all the time. If we find out a method of heating and air conditioning repair that can save time or make things go smoother, we will share it with each other. If the heat and a/c companies knew we were doing this they would probably fire each of us! But they don’t even know that they have HVAC workers that have best buddies in the rival company. The business world is such a joke if you ask me. But again, it’s a living and a steady way to support ourselves and our family. I am sure in other businesses other than the HVAC business, those people feel the same way. But what can we do? That’s just the way of the world!

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