I had to clean the heater

I did not realize how much pressure was inside of the small pressure washer, until I accidentally hit the a/c with the spray. It only took a minute, and the fins on the a/c were completely destroyed. You can easily see the line from the pressure washer wand, because all of the fins are bent in the same direction. I was doing our best to be careful when I was pressure washing around the a/c. I wanted to get all of the dirt, leaves, and yard debris. The people I was with and I had a major storm over the weekend, and a lot of yard sod and dirt was blown into the patio section where the a/c is linked. I was cleaning under the air handler, when our foot slipped in the water. The wand went up for just a minute, and I destroyed half of the a/c fins on the left side. I thought about trying to bend them back into site, but I doubt that is a very fine idea. Our next tune-up is scheduled in May, and then I shall have the heating and cooling serviceman look at the problem. That’s still a month away, but I assume we’ll be okay until then. I really hope it’s not a major issue, however it easily looks awfully bad. I know the fins allow a lot of airflow to the interior components, and most of them are still intact. Even with the damage to the left side, I assume that our a/c will still labor completely fine. I know we’ll find out in May.



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