I got a new office building

The people I was with and I recently completely updated the heating plan at our workplace. The building is rather outdated and it was still using an oil gas furnace that was a few decades old! I don’t suppose why our boss thought that she would not have to immediately update the gas furnace once we bought the building. I believe she tried to squeeze the last bits of life out of it, however when it became evident that that was pointless, we finally got a updatement that was a much newer and better model. It’s a gas gas furnace that does a pretty great task of keeping us nice and toasty throughout the work day, then before we got the updatement gas furnace, we were forced to come into work prepared for some chilly hot and cold temperatures! Many of us barely shed any of the Wintertide clothing that we used outside that day! Some of our coworkers complained that we may as well have been working out in the street in the snow. I personally don’t believe it was that cold, however it was still pretty frigid. The building had pretty great insulation, and still does, which is why things were not as disappointing as they could have been while we were waiting for the better gas furnace. Once it was finally installed, the gas gas furnace made the office believe absolutely blissful in comparison to what we were enduring before. It was so nice and evenly toasty, we absolutely did not need any other extra layers of clothing to stay warm. Then our boss decided to be a little more conservative with the temperature settings and that did not go over well!

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