Came upon a nice selection of area heaters

I grew up in a tropical area as well as when both of us moved eight hours north, although both of us were still in the Deep South, it was a different climate altogether… The two of us rented a big beach house that had a gas heating device in the central hallway towards the back of the beach household as well as it was large enough to heat most of the place, except for the home office as well as kitchen, and only if both of us left all the doors open. Both of us value privacy, so both of us ended up investing in some space heaters. The two of us needed one for the kitchen anyways. I was actually surprised as well as impressed at the assortment of space heating systems available. There are small box ones as well as medium sized ones as well as ones that take up most of a wall. There are even ones that are barely noticeable, some designed to match decor, as well as others that look something like large fireplaces. There were numerous sizes as well as designs and it was hard to choose which heater to go with. The two of us chose a heater that looked like a wood burning stove for the kitchen. The two of us could turn it on the flame only, heat only, or both. It heated up the kitchen, home office, as well as bedrooms. The safety features on these space heating devices were also interesting as well as made me feel safer. The tower ones both of us bought for the bedrooms turned off if they fell over. The space heating systems made me feel safer than the gas heating system in the hallway. The two of us still used it, however not all that much as well as the tank of gas ended up lasting us over a few years.
Hybrid HVAC system