Caging the HVAC Condenser

I am now the proud owner of a condenser cage. What is a condenser cage you say? Well, that is an interesting topic. Until about 2 weeks ago, I had no idea what that was either. A condenser cage is something that goes over the outside of the HVAC condenser cabinet and locks it down to the concrete pad. Sounds totally bizarre and the fact that I need one is even that much more bizarre. I may soon be looking for somewhere new to live. I now have to lock down the HVAC condenser because theives snuck into my yard to steal the copper out of this component. Not only did they steal every bit of copper out of the condenser, they completely destroyed my HVAC condenser to do it. I came home from work to find my backyard totally littered with the guts of the condenser unit. It looked as though it had been run over my a large tractor trailer truck. We have had car break ins in the neighboorhood lately. And everyone is putting up cameras. The police have stepped up patrols but things still go missing. I just can’t get over that someone would be so desperate to completely destroy a condenser for copper. The theives will do well to get even pennies on the dollar for the copper guts of my condenser. Luckily, my HVAC company was able to get a new condenser unit back in place quickly. But, I am still hassling with the insurance company who is attempting not to pay. So that brings me to the cage. I went online to see how I could prevent this from happening again. I was shocked to find so many models of cages. Apparently, this is in vogue thievery wise.

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